Thursday, April 18, 2013

Toy Soldiers: Cold War Review

Toy Soldiers Branding Art

     Happy Friday everyone, hope your doing good.  Today were going to take a look under a genre that is completely unrealistic in the gaming world, but still really fun. That game is Toy Soldiers, more specifically Toy Soldiers: Cold War.  Released in August 19, 2011 by Microsoft Studios and developed by Signal Studios.  The game is basically exactly what it sounds like, a strategy game where you control a certain amount of USSR toy soldiers with your American toy soldiers.  It my sound stupid the way I say it, but it's not.  The soldiers can walk and actually fire real bullets at each other until one of them die.  

     The game is set in a mid 1980s scenario as matters between the USSR and America continue to escalate into military aggression.  The game features similar aspects of the the original game, with gamers trying to repel a Soviet invasion force while playing on a play set towards a toy box in a child's bedroom. The game is not that different to the original game which featured generic World War I battlefields, ranging from sets of jungles and deserts to real world locations such as the streets of Paris and the Great Pyramids.

     The game features many boss levels that were not included in the first game with certain large enemies, such as the Antanov winged tank, the Typhoon class submarine and the final boss of the game, the Russian project R.I.S.E (not sure what it stands for) and a number of changes and additions to the game play. Just to name a few new changes to the gameplay that I enjoy, such as to say while you are still able to control vehicles such as tanks or helicopters on the battlefield.  However the time using vehicles in the game is now limited by a battery charge which can be replenished either by collecting floating batteries or returning the vehicle to its recharge stand. Another aspect added is that killstreaks are rewarded with a few special one time attacks called barrages, which include being given the ability to call an airstrike or control Rambo for a limited time.  I would buy this game just so I play as Rambo, cause its that fun.  So I'd probably give this game a 8 of 10, still worth buying and with it, hours of fun.  Hope you have enjoyed and I will see you next week.  This has been Jacob Arnold, signing off.
Toy Soldiers: Cold War Trailer

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