Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dark Sector Review

Dark Sector box art
     Hello everyone and happy Wednesday.  I'm back this week with another game, once again focusing on the shoot 'em up concept with a little twist.  The game with this twist is called Dark Sector, a game that allows you to be enhanced by a awesome virus that gives you super powers.  So, yeah, sounds pretty awesome, and if that doesn't sound awesome to you, you are a sad individual my friend.  Now then, on to the game.  Released on March 25, 2008 in North America, April 4th in Europe and October 9th in Australia where it was actually banned for graphic violence.  Can't imagine why they'd do that, sure you cut off a few guy's heads, but it's still a fun game.  Developed by Digital Extremes and published by D3 Publisher for consoles, Aspyr for computers, Dark Sector received mixed positive reviews upon its release.  Introducing a mix of what fans said was a combination of Resident Evil 4 and Gears of War, much to their enjoyment and mine.  So lets get down to the basis of the game and some of the features that make it unique.  The trademark and primary weapon of the game is the three pronged "Glaive", a metallic weapon in Hayden can produce at will. He can then can throw it long distances, guide it, and melee it at enemies.  The Glaive can also absorb energy from things such as electricity, fire, and ice.  The virus Hayden contracts give him a metallic arm, which bonds to any metal object, only allowing Hayden to hold two handed weapons for a limited time, making pistols his primary weapons, the virus also makes him immune to pain.  The story takes place in Lasria, opening with Hayden infiltrating a gulag in hopes of finding Robert Mezner, the man responsible for infecting Lasria with the Technocyte Virus.  After eliminating all the resistance members within the complex, planting C4 everywhere, and destroying a helicopter, Hayden encounters a creature known as Nemisis, a indestructible metallic humanoid figure.  After firing a rocket at Nemisis, it redirects it back Hayden, there is an explosion and Hayden is knocked unconscious.  He awakes to find none other than Mezner looking over him next to Nemisis.  Then as Hayden attempts to make a grab for his gun, he is stabbed by Nemisis in his right shoulder, infecting him with the Technocyte virus.
Hayden fighting Lasrian soldiers
After a quick boring lecture to Hayden from Mezner about he is 'broken' and was questing why the agency would still have any use for him, Hayden detonates the C4 he planted earlier, making an escape.  He reaches a beach, by now his arm has been transformed by the virus, where he superiors contact him, telling him to move to one of their sleeper agents in the country Yargo Mensik.  Shortly after the conversation Hayden encounter enemy soldiers, in the events that transpire Hayden's arm produces the Glaive which he uses to kill the enemy soldiers. I don't want to spoil the plot but only set the story, so all most find out for yourselves.  This isn't the best game for gameplay, but is much worth it for the plot. So I would probably give this game a 6.2 of 10, and suggest you rent it or something.  I hope you have all enjoyed this review and I will see you next weekend.  This has been Jacob Arnold, signing off.
Dark Sector Official Trailer, explains the setting
pretty well

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Metro: Last Light Review

Metro: Last Light Cover
     Hello everyone and happy Wednesday.  I'm back this week with another FPS this week that lives up to its predecessor, and maybe even surpasses it; Metro: Last Light. Metro: Last Light is a first-person shooter developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver, the sequel to its acclaimed predecessor, Metro 2033, which takes place in post-apocalyptic Russia 20 years after a nuclear war ravaged the Earth.  This event forced the survivors to retreat into Moscow's metro system to survive, animals mutated into dangerous creations that hunt from the skies, the land, and the waters.  In the current time of the Metro series, it is impossible to even step above the surface without a gas mask that requires filters, a item you will always be searching for throughout the game.  The watch on Artyom's left arm tells him how long until his filter runs out, in which he must then change it, so remember, always keep an eye out for filters. The people left above mutated from the radiation into what were known "The Dark Ones".  In Metro 2033, Artyom (the player) is told that the Dark Ones are the greatest threat humanity has ever faced due to there telepathic and super-natural abilities, allowing them to enter the mind of any creature, strong or not, and react havoc if they chose to.  They also are extremely agile, fast, and have the ability to render themselves invisible.  This displays a common concept shown throughout history: we are afraid of what we don't understand, this is shown by the people of the Metro towards the Dark Ones.  The overall plot is that you are Artyom, a Ranger for the Order, one of many factions spread throughout the Metro.  These factions include the Red Line; a re-birthed version of the Soviet Union, the Nazis; which are the re-birthed soldiers of the Nazis, The Order; a organization which was created to maintain order within the Metro, which you belong to, and many others who are not so important.  Instead of banning together to try to savage what remains of humanity, these factions are locked in a sort of pre Civil War rivalry.  Under the guild of a Ranger named Hunter you are instructed to proceed through the Metro and find the solution to this problem involving the Dark Ones.
A young Artyom being saved by a Dark One from mutants

     At the end of Metro 2033, you approach your long awaited D-6; a pre-apocalyptic shelter that contains the last weapons of mass destruction in Russia: enough missiles to level the country.  After fighting his way through the Metro up to the surface through Soviets, bandits, and mutants alike Artyom approaches D-6, however just before he reaches the facility he is contacted by the Dark Ones through hallucinations of a sort.  Artyom enters the facility, uses the missiles to target the Dark Ones home, essentially destroying the Dark Ones.  This brings us to the events of Metro: Last Light, it has been one year since the destruction of the Dark Ones and the Order now inhabits D-6, which turns out has enough supplies to supply them all for decades.  The situation between the factions of the Metro has grown worse, and the discovery of D-6 has not helped.  Even though the Order tried to keep D-6 a secret, word of the safe haven quickly got out, and rumors have spread that the other factions plan to take D-6 from the Rangers (The Order).  Artyom is awakened with urgent news from Coronal Miller, the leader of the Rangers, that a Dark One has been spotted near their old home.  You are instructed to gear up and head out to find this Dark One.  Oh, also, turns out when the Dark Ones flooded Artyom's mind with hallucinations, they were trying to establish with humanity that they only wanted peace.  So, pardon my language, but Artyom f*cked up pretty bad on that matter.  Now that we have the set the scene for the world we're about to step into, I will talk about some of the new aspects the game has to offer.  Probably the biggest change in the game is the improved stealth system, allowing you to stray from the standard path a FPS into a darker and more entertaining perspective.  Being a gamer as I am, I enjoy the stealth aspect of Metro: Last Light.
A close up of the protagonist, Artyom 
   Though you have to play Metro 2033 to appreciate the improved stealth aspect, a example of this is that you used to be spotted very easy and silent take-downs were rare.  However the stealth aspect also contains new features, such as sneaking past guards to reach power breakers and turn off the lights for a section of a area.  This allows Artyom to sneak past enemies with more ease, silenced weapons, throwing knifes, and take-downs add to the fun of stealth.  In some environments you can walk under the floors in the waterways to avoid detection.  That was basically the only big change in the game, other then a updated HUD, better graphics, and a few other things.  I would recommend this game to any FPS survival horror fans and all gamers in general, 9/10 on my scale.  I hope you all have enjoyed this review and I will be back next Wednesday.  Until then, game on.  This has been Jacob Arnold, signing off.
Recommended to watch in full screen for full awesomeness