Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pocket Tanks Review

Pocket Tanks Box Art
Hello ladies and gents, happy Tuesday.  Today I thought I'd take us back to the days of old.  Somewhere between Pac-Man and Halo: Combat Evolved, Pocket Tanks was created. First released in 2001,the game received positive support, thus the gaming industry was in its early stages of development. Halo came out only months later after the release of Pocket Tanks. It was released for Mac OS X and Windows, it is a 1-2 player game where the player takes control of a 2-D tank.  A recent version was created for the iPhone, created by Blitwise Productions, developer of Super DX-Ball and Neon Wars. Adapted from Michael Welch's earlier Amiga game Scorched Tanks, this newer version features modified physics, dozens of weapons ranging from simple explosive shells to homing missiles, and the ability to move the tank. It supports several expansion packs. At the moment, players can have up to 295 different weapons total.  Pocket Tanks is often abbreviated as PTanks, or simply as PT. The point of the game is to use various weapons, which come in various packs, to attack the other player's tank. Each hit scores a certain amount of points, which varies based on the weapon and proximity. At the end of 10 volleys, the player with the highest points wins.  The game features a fully destructible environment, which allows player to put themselves on pedestals, in tunnels, or bunkers, allowing for the probability of strategic play. A fun experience by yourself or with a friend. Overall its a fun game, that's worth playing, 7 out of 10.  I hope you enjoyed and I will see you Thursday,  OLD SCHOOL FOR THE WIN BABY!!! This has been Jacob Arnold signing off.

Unfortunatly I couldn't find a trailer so I thought I'd upload one of FreddieW's awesome videos that reminded me of this review. All content belongs to their rightful owners

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The War Z Review

Hello everyone today I'd like to talk about the still developing game called War Z. The War Z is an open world zombie survival horror video game developed by Hammerpoint Interactive. The game features both first person and third person shooting abilities, allowing the player to switch between the two. The game only offers players the option of playing against other users It had the lowest score on Metacritic in the year 2012The game is set five years after a zombie attack which has wiped out the majority of the world's population, leaving most of the world either dead or infected. Shortly before the game's start, a new and rare type of zombie mutation has been discovered that allows the world's living citizens to create a vaccine that will cure infected humans of zombification. The gameplay will have users looking for these zombies to create vaccines and to fight against packs of zombies. The War Z is a zombie survival game, where players must survive in the post-apocalyptic zombie infested world. Survivors can find weapons which are lying around the map, and can increase their chances of survival by joining in with groups of other players, which feature currently is not available, regardless of what the company's website promises. The game incorporates "realistic" survival features such as hunger and thirst trackers, which can affect the player's health. Supplies such as food and water are also available around the map, and can be picked up and used to reset these counters. If no supplies are collected to remedy this, hunger and thirst can kill the character over time. It is also possible to buy food or drinks if you cannot scavenge any. Overall I'd give the game a 3 out of 10. I expected more when my friends told me to buy the game and hope that Hammerpiont will continue to improve the game. So don't buy it until it reaches a playable stage that's enjoyable and to all War Z players, don't be camping jerks. This has been Jacob Arnold, signing off.  

Monday, February 4, 2013

Slender: The Eight Pages Review

Slender Logo
Happy February everyone, just thought I'd start the month on the horror genre again with a free heart pounding indie-game that IGN gives four out of five. Slender: The Eight Pages is that game.  Also known just as Slender, the game was released in June 2012, developed and published by Parsec Productions. Slender is set in the middle of a forest during night and is played from a first person perspective. The player's objective is to collect eight pages located in various areas of the forest while avoiding the Slender Man, a faceless humanoid entity. The player is equipped with only a flashlight to see through the dark; it has limited battery life and will eventually shut down permanently if left on for an extended period of time. The player character also has limited stamina as running will tire out the character and decrease her maximum walking speed. Slender Man occasionally appears in the player's field of vision, and game over occurs if the player stares at Slender Man too long or remains idle for too long. As the player collects pages, the fog in the forest grows thicker and Slender Man appears closer to the player character.  It is almost impossible to beat the game while staying alive, in order to do so you must be cunning and fast.  The part that caught me by surprise was that after I collected all eight pages, I died anyway when he poped up in front of me. Game Over for me.  That game is good and I like it, so try it, it's free and worth a hour or two of your life.  Hope you enjoyed and I will see you later.  This has been Jacob Arnold, signing off.

Slender Trailer