Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rust Review

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     Hello everyone and happy Wednesday, hope you had a happy weekend.  Today's review is all about survival. No zombies, no natural disasters, no demons, just you, the outdoors and your fellow man.  In Rust you must craft, create and salvage in order to survive.  Released on December 11, 2013 for PC, this adventure survival game was developed and published by Facepunch Studios.  What started as a clone for Day Z, an open world zombie survival game evolved with crafting, hunting and building shelters.  While Rust is still in Alpha, it shows much potential.  In Rust, there is no story, only the incentive to survive.  You can hop on one of many servers, starting only with a rock, a torch and a few bandages.  Using the rock you can break up materials used for crafting, which you can then use to create things like axes, which can be
A makeshift revolver
used for chopping trees or killing wildlife for food.  The player also starts with a certain amount of blueprints, which give crafting recipes to the player.  However, if they can remember the recipe, and craft the item, it will automatically add the recipe to the book.  Items are repaired at crafting tables, things like bows, makeshift guns, and melee weapons will deteriorate over time.  You can make fires, which are used to stay warm when night falls, the player can improve their chances of survival by building a shelter to keep your property stored and can be modified to defend against other players or animals.  A constant supply of food must be maintained in order not to starve to death.  Caution is advised when hunting animals though, as you may not always encounter deer or wild pigs, but bears and wolfs.  Its times like that when its nice to have a gun, though it is not easy to find metal to produce these weapons with.  On most servers you will see buildings farther off, citys that are ravaged by radiation, indicating the reason that you are surviving and living in the woods is because of a past nuclear war of some sort.  In these cities are weapons and blueprints, holding the promise of power at a dangerous cost, while the player can be exposed to radiation, there is a limit before you die or die slowly over time from radiation poisoning.  So swift feet allows you to stay alive, because if you die you lose all your gear and have to start over again, a concept inspired by Minecraft.  You can also choose to join players, work together to build large structures or you can live the live of a nomad, its all optional in Rust.  While the game is only in Alpha, it is fun and looks to have a very bright future ahead of it.  Hope you have enjoyed this review and I will be back next week with another review.  This has been Jacob Arnold, signing off.

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