Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Into the Dead Review

Into the Dead logo
  Hello everyone and happy Wednesday, sorry there was no post last week, I was in the Bay Area doing ocean stuff.  Today I decided to take a break from the console genre and look at phone or tablet games.  So today I will be reviewing a fun run game with zombies called Into The Dead.  Developed and published by Pik Pok Game Studios, this fun little run game is with you wherever you go, being compatible with iPhone, Android, iPad, and every other kind of tablet, this game is everywhere.  The game only story is that you are a survivor, but for how long?  You start away from a city, waking next to a crashed helicopter to see the dead rising around you and do the logical thing; run.  This is all the player does, run from the dead, picking up means to defend themselves along the way such as guns, chainsaws, and grenades.  Into the Dead delivers a unique experience of a zombie run game, don't think just because theres guns in this game that it is a shooter, its not.  The guns guns are just there to eliminate a zombie or two that in the way, which becomes pointless
Running from zombies helps when you have a weapon
once you get far enough, after that you will need the machine or minigun.  When you first start the game, you are given no weapons, after you play the game once, you are given the pistol, a gun that takes two shots to kill a zombie.  With every run you complete, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of coins depending on how far you ran and will be given the option to complete challenges to level up to gain more weapons, these challenges can vary from running a certain distance to killing a certain amount of zombies with a certain gun and so on.  You can also purchase perks before you start the game, these perks can allow to start with a gun instead of having to find one in a crate, or let you have a dog companion that can run ahead of you and kill zombies.  Also, for those you want to run ahead of the game, they can purchase a head start perk that allows you to move 1500 meters ahead before the game begins, allowing you to start in a more difficult environment.  For anyone who has some spare time on their hands or is in for a road trip, download this game for free off the app store.  Hope you have enjoyed this post and I will be back Wednesday with another post.  This has been Jacob Arnold, signing off.
 The trailer is self explanatory 

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