Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Starwhal: Just The Tip Review

Soundtrack Cover, but it also represents my needs for a cover
     Hello everyone and happy Wednesday, hope your all doing well and had a nice weekend.  For all those who watched the game last Sunday, I understand sadness for some and the happiness for other, but the all around feeling that was more of fluke than a game.  Now then, on a brighter note, I am reviewing a small 2-4 player indie game that is loads of fun and loads of laughs, that game is Starwhal: Just the Tip. Mimicking the style of 1980's arcade games, Starwhal is filled with a heart pounding soundtrack and a space background that moves as you play.  Developed and published by Breakfall, a small indie company based out of Ottawa, Canada, this game is still in demo stage of development, but is said to be released February 17, 2014 on Steam and possibly consoles in the future.  The purpose of the game is to pierce the heart of the opposing player's narwhal (if you do not know what that is, leave this page right now and write me a twenty page essay on narwhals) until their hearts are all gone,
Four player hard-core action
depending on how many hearts and rounds there are, the gameplay can vary.  While I personally think the game is really awesome as it is, the developers at Breakfall are gathering donations on Kickstarter to improve the game and work on its transfer to other ports.  The game shows much progress and I believe with support and money this game will become known to every person in this country.  If any of the developers are reading this right now, I wish you luck in your escapade and Andrew Jobin, I hope you launch that narwhal to the stars.  For everyone reading this, you should all check out the game, its free and fun, you can find it at  Thank you all for reading this post, check the game, and until next time, have fun.  This has been Jacob Arnold, signing off.
Since there isnt a official trailer, I thought I would 
just use a "Let's Play" by Achievement Hunter.  
You only have to watch it for five minutes to get the
idea, but these guys are pretty f*cking funny, so i'd 
stick around.

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