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Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Review

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     Hi everyone and happy Wednesday, its been a couple weeks since my last post and I believe there's no better way to come back into the mix than with zombies.  So today I will be talking about Red Dead Redemption's fifth downloadable content pack; Undead Nightmare.  Developed by Rockstar San Diego, Rockstar North, and published by Rockstar Games, this awesome DLC was released on October 26, 2010.  Mixing the last days of the Old West with a zombie apocalypse, this kick-ass add on really gives you your money's worth.  As in the main game you play as the main protagonist, former out-law John Marston.  The year is 1911 and John has returned to his after a month spent away from home hunting down the outlaws he once called friends, the government has returned his family to him.  Now, with a bright future ahead of him, John tries to pick up the pieces of his ranch and keep on living.  Our story begins one stormy night when John is riding home from town on his carriage, he parks the carriage and puts the horses away.   It seems a normal evening as John talks to his son and wife about life.  Abigail asks where Uncle is, (the old farm
John rescuing a girl trapped in a house surrounded by the dead
hand), John replies that he is probably hunkered down somewhere dry until the storm passes.  Several hours later when everybody is asleep in their bed, Uncle bursts through John's bedroom, a zombie.  John and Abigail stir from their bed, John yells at Uncle to calm down and then proceeds to whack him over the head with a lamp, apparently knocking him unconscious.  John runs out of the bedroom telling Abigail that he's going to get his gun, he runs back from the barn with his double-barrel shotgun to find Uncle chasing Abigail, Uncle bites Abigail in the neck and then John shoots Uncle in the head.  He asks if she is alright, the response is that she doesn't feel so good.  John's sixteen year old son jack comes out, leaning over his mother to see if she is alright she jumps up and bites Jack.  John, understanding the situation runs back into the barn and grabs his lasso.
My personal favorite, War, he looks cool and sets zombies on fire
He comes out and hog-ties them both, leaves them in the main bedroom with food and sets off to find a cure.  Throughout the game, John will be journeying far and wide looking for a cure, encountering undead animals such as bears, cougars, wolfs and warthogs.  Mythical beasts will begin to appear across the vast landscape, creatures such as the Chupacabra, Sasquatch, and a Unicorn.  John also can break and ride the Four Horses of The Apocalypse; War, Famine, Pestilence and Death, each with their own unique effect on zombies; from blowing the undead's heads up to setting them on fire.  They all New equipment is introduced such as the torch replacing the knife or obtaining the blunderbuss, a weapon that basically vaporizes multiple zombies at once.  Phosphorous coating can be applied to bullets to set zombies on fire, useful if your accuracy is bad because the fire will kill the zombie.  Another thing is that the only way to kill the zombie is to destroy the brain; headshots only.  There is also zombie bait that
Now would be a good time to run like hell
attracts zombies and if you combine it with dynamite you get Boom Bait, explosive zombie-attractive bait = awesome. Activities like capturing wanted criminals has been replaced with finding missing people and clearing out gang hideouts of bandits has been replaced with clearing out graveyards. Money is no longer used, instead you will be paid in ammunition, bullets are scarce, so keep an eye on your supply. The player must also clear out towns in order for them to become safe zones in which they can sleep and fast travel.  The campfire allowed the player to fast travel if they set it up anywhere in the wilderness, but now, you can only travel from towns or outposts that have been cleared out.  Random attacks by bandits have been replaced with random zombie hordes trying to eat you.  World events, such as discovering campfires for storytelling have been replaced with encountering people eating human arms acting LIKE NOTHING IS WRONG, shotgun to the face, you see people eating human body parts, shotgun to the face.  You see total nuts feeding human flesh to there undead wife and sharing the meal with them, shotgun to the face.  The world has become dangerous, more dangerous than it was, the dead rising up and people going crazy.  Really awesome DLC, know you'll love it, ten bucks only.  Hope you have enjoyed this review and I will be back with another post next week.  Until next time. This has been Jacob Arnold, signing off.
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