Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Poker Night at the Inventory Review

This is not your average poker game, this an Inventory poker game, unusual, and interesting.  Four legends, Heavy from Team Fortress 2,  Strong Bad form Homestar Runner , Max from Sam & Max, Tycho Brande from Penny Arcade Adventures, and they are playing playing poker with you.  The game is developed by Telltale Games, released on November 22, 2010, and available on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. The game really really doesn't have much of a plot. The general basis is that the game takes place at a secret underground club below a video game ware house called the Inventory which was founded in 1919 due to a early draft of the 18th amendment.  It was discovered that it would not only outlaw libations, but games and amusements too.  Even though this never came to pass, the club has remained in secret, just in case Congress ever tried to set the prohibition into law.   Every time the player starts the game a cut scene is triggered in which the player takes a secret elevator down to the Inventory and then is greeted by Reginald Van Winslow, former caption of the Screaming Narwhal and sidekick to Guybrush Threepwood in Tales of Monkey Island, a Sam & Max concept. He explains the back story of the Inventory, and raises the blinds for the poker games.  In the game you always play Texas Hold 'Em style poker between you and the other four characters in the game, Strong Bad, Max, Tycho, and Heavy.  Every game each player buys in with $10,000 in which they are awarded a certain number of chips to play with and are given two cards in which they will play their hand off.  The game applies to basic poker rules, you stay in the game until they are broke, with the goal of being the last man standing. The game uses no-limit betting and a gradually-increasing blind bets over the course of several rounds.  Once in a while, one of the other characters will not be able to cough up the money, but will offer one of their possessions as a buy-in for the game. The player can win these items as Team Fortress 2 unlockable equipment only if it was the player that knocked that character out of the game to receive their personal item.  This was honestly the reason I bought the game, I really wanted the Iron Curtain (a awesome looking mini-gun that Heavy buys in with), that and I like poker.  The game keeps track of the player's statistics over the course of several games, and by completing certain objectives (such as number of hands or games won) can unlock different playing cards or table artwork to customize the look of the game.  So its an okay game, but not an awesome game.  Its fun if you like poker and you want something to spice up your character in TF2.  It is $4.99 on Steam, and now that I got all the items, it was totally worth it.  Hope you've enjoyed, see you next time.  This has been Jacob Arnold, signing off.

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