Thursday, October 25, 2012

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Review

This week I decided to do one of my favorite games.  You know one of those games that you can keep on playing after you finished the initial objective, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is one of those games.  Warriors of Rock is a music rhythm game that was released September 24, 2010 for Europe, September 28, 2010 for North America, and
September 29, 2010 for Australia.  It is the last game in the series develop by RedOctane and Neversoft prior to the termination and closures by their parent company and publisher Activision, in part as a result of week sales in the rhythm game market from 2009.  Additional development for the Wii version with a not-so-decent Nintendo DS version as well.  The Wii and DS version of the game were crated by Vicarious Visions, who took over future development of the Guitar Hero series before it was placed on hiatus.  Warriors of Rock continues to retain the gameplay style of the franchise,  challenging the player to match scrolling notes on screen to actions on special game for lead and bass guitar, drums, and vocals. To rise against the withering rhythm game market and the perceived lack of focus of its predecessors, the game was designed to return to return to the series roots, focusing heavily on lead and towards the existing base of skilled players of the series.  The game features a remade career mode called "Quest" set to a story influenced by heavy metal.  Throughout Quest mode, the player recruits eight characters each with their own unique power that allows you to score higher, have more Star Power, or get more points for each note.  Eventually this leads to all these powers combined together and used to free the Demigod of Rock from enslavement form a metal machine called the Beast.  Part of the story is interestingly enough influenced by the lyrics of the song "2112" by Rush, who narrate this portion of the game.  While the finale is is set to a new song preformed by Magadeth and written by Dave Mustaine specifically to challenge players, but its still a fun song.  Other single and multiplayer modes feature improvements form previous games in the series as well as incorporation of the new gameplay powers from Quest mode.  The game features 93 songs on disc, and compatibility with existing exportable songs and downloadable content from several previous games in the Guitar Hero franchise.  The game recieved mixed reviews about it's gameplay and soundtrack. Praising certain highlights such as the '2112" segment of the game and it's improved Quickplay+ mode, which is what I usually play, but thy also cited other elements such as lackluster as the Quest mode's story or the lack of focus within the soundtrack, I disagree with this, for I thought the game had a great soundtrack.  Overall it's a great game, but my favorite part of the game was the hundreds of customization options that you could use for your Quickplay+ charcter, I even made a whole band.  You can also custamize instraments such as guitar, bass, drums, and micraphones.  I tell you, there is nothing cooler than creating a sick guitar that you equip to your awesome character.  The only problem with the game is that you need the set controllers to play the game, so its a little pricy, but worth it.  Also Assassin's Creed 3 is coming out next week on the 31st, it's going to be AWESOME! So keep an eye out for it and get it quick, cause I guarntee that as soon as it hits the shelves, its gonna be sold out, so grab it.  Im a huge Assassin's Creed fan, so I'll probaly be waiting at the midnight launch, like I did with Revalations.  So I hope you've learned something new today and I will see you next week.  This has been Jacob Arnold, signing off.

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