Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Skate 3 Review

Skate 3 box art
     Hello everyone and happy Wednesday, hope you had a awesome Thanksgiving and those of you who aren't in America, I'm sorry for your loss.  Also relating to Thanksgiving, an advertising campaign that is seriously blown out of proportion known as Black Friday recently occurred.  I'm the kind of man who hates these kind of things that drown on for long periods of time, although Black Friday is like the precursor to Armageddon, in the sense that Christmas is a month away and all hell is breaking loose.  So I suppose I shouldn't complain even as I'm facing the wave that will crush me under its might the way the Spartans faced the Persians.  Anyway, lets move on.  Where was I now, oh right, Black Friday.  Isn't it just awful how they glorify buying furniture at prices slight.... WAIT, NO!! Whew, caught myself there, at that rate we be here for days. I ending up giving in to the temptations of the low prices and bought some games off the Xbox Store which is something I normally wouldn't do because Steam exists, however they were Xbox exclusive titles, so yeah.  One of those game was Skate 3, something I can refer to without wincing as one of the games thats not in EAs very large shit bucket despite it being an EA game.  These are few and far between considering EA sole purpose in life seems to be money consumed dick heads that exist to torment those with less money than them.  Anyway I wouldn't necessarily put it with titles like Mirror's Edge or...other titles that I can't recall, but what makes it funny as hell because of how glitchy it is, in the same way Goat Simulator but not intentional.  So its still outside the bucket but is in constantly fighting not being pulled into it's endless void.  The game starts with you creating a character, choosing a board and watching a ridiculously funny opening sequence that is one of the few original ideas that EA has come up with, then again it was probably DICE.
ramping out of pool
After the opening sequence ends you are given a few tutorials then thrown into the world, from there you can take random jobs or compete races to earn fame, thus increasing "board sales". The money or fame you gain on this can be spent on clothes and boards, although you start with the American Flag board, so why chose anything else? As the player progresses through the game, more story missions will be unlocked, resulting in more missions and more gameplay. Tricks can be preformed that allow more XP to be earned and just about every object in the world can be interacted with, from grinding to kickflips and board spins.  All the while, EA is constantly bugging you for your email so they can spam you with offers about Orgin that you'll immediately through down the drain if you possess any decency. While Skate 3 may not have a good plot or even have a decent community system, the reason I bought it was for the free-roam mode in which you can run around the large world terrorizing the civilians who all have the same models or just continue to break every bone in your body.  While Skate 3 isn't the best game, its certainly fun to gather around the couch with your friends and watch each other wipe out.  There is also a map editor where you can build your own stadium to meet your own crazy aspiration.  There is not much more to know other than that about the game.  Hope you have enjoyed and I will be back next week.  This has been Jacob Arnold, signing off.

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  1. Think I'll pass on this game, Jacob. Nice review though, as always.