Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 2 Announcement

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     While I seldom post announcements, this is a special case.  Episode 1 of the Walking Dead Season 2 was released on Monday, December 16 of 2013.  I have been awaiting this with high anticipation since the conclusion of season 1, and the release of 400 Days.  Telltale has been working a few projects since the concluding of Season 1 including a game that I reviewed at a earlier date called the Wolf Among Us which takes place in the setting of the comics series Fables, but with their own little twist, but you may consult by review of that at a later time.  Lets play catch-up with the events of season 2.  ALERT SPOILERS: For those who have not played Episode 5, DO NOT READ THIS.  Unless you don't intend to play the game.  To read the blacked out text, highlight it and will be readable:
In episode 5 of season 1, after Lee was bitten by a zombie.  The player has two options, either cut off Lee's bitten arm or leave it be.  Regardless of what the player chooses, Lee WILL die.  This made me very sad.  Throughout episode 5, you are charged with rescuing Clementine from the Stranger who has captured her.  In the fast pace of turning events, Kenny (Lee's best buddy who's been through so much shit with Lee, including Kenny losing his son due to being bitten by a zombie, then Lee has to shoot him so Kenny didn't have to) sacrifices himself to save Ben, another guy in the group.  But it turns out that Ben impaled himself on a balcony that broke and fell as he tried to jump from it to a near-by rooftop to join the others.  Being surrounded on both sides of the alley by zombies, Kenny tells Lee to get out of there and save Clementine.  Lee tells Kenny he's not leaving him, but Lee is locked out of the ally and can only hopelessly watch as Kenny is surrounded by walkers.  Kenny stayed behind to shoot Ben to make sure he didn't suffer.  Eventually after fighting through large hordes of zombies to the hotel where Clementine is being held by the strange man.  After Lee finds the room where Clementine is being held, he talks to the stranger, fights the stranger, and then kills the stranger.  Lee opens the doors that exit the room, Lee comes face to face with a walker, who doesn't attack him, but walks by him towards Clementine.  Lee kills the zombie and then makes the relation that the walker didn't attack him because he had walker blood all over him.  Lee smears this on Clementine so the walkers outside do not attack her.  After doing this, they take to the streets, walking among the dead, unnoticed by the zombies.  Clementine sees her parents, now zombies, she freezes, Lee tries to get her to look away, but passes out from his infectious bite, which is killing him.  Clementine somehow drags a full grown man through a bunch of zombies into a jewelry shop where there safe.  Lee tells her that he was bitten and that she has to leave.  After a fight with a walker for his gun and keys, Clementine has to kill Lee.  I cried, tears were running down my face, the sad music playing, and then she shoots him.  The epilogue shows Clementine outside of Savannah by herself, she stops to rest for awhile and sees in the distance two figures walking on a hill.  They stop and look at her.  The season ends there. 
So in season 2, the story of Clementine will continue, for better or worse.  Also the choices you made in season 1 and 400 Days will cross over to this, so I hope you choose wisely.  I hope you all have enjoyed this announcement and I will be back next year with more reviews.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  This has been Jacob Arnold, signing off with good cheer.
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