Thursday, November 21, 2013

PAYDAY 2 Review

  Hello everyone and happy Wednesday, hope your all doing well.  Today I'm reviewing a game that I think is truly unique experience in co-operative gaming.  Now I usually don't review sequels, but with this game other than the characters theirs not much plot to explain.  PAYDAY 2 returns with the four main protagonists Dallas, Hoxton, Chains, and Wolf.  As you once again step into the shoes of these men, you have a simple goal: get into the bank, get the money and have your payday.  Or at least thats what it used to be, now there's so much more.  Jewelry stores, strip malls, gold deposits, and so many more heists than the last game.  More guns are now available with more attachments and color schemes, provided you are high enough level to unlock them, also have to have the money to purchase them.  Taking place in Washington D.C, the player has the ability to customize their character via a mask that can be edited to be awesome, provided you have the money, color scheme, material and design for the mask.  So anyway, your in D.C. linked in with something called Crime Net, a crime planning program that helps you choose jobs to hit with friends and hopefully make it back to your safe-house in one piece.  All provided by your best unseen friend BANE, the creator of Crime Net and mastermind of the criminal underworld. He will guild you through jobs via his associates, recommend the job best suited to your level and skill and guides you through the mission as it
Defending against the Feds on a jewelry store heist
happens.  Another new feature, or at least a feature in development, is your safehouse.  This is your home away from homes, this is where you spend your downtime after the heist.  Your money, masks, and weapons are stored here,  The developers say that in later updates that the option to customize your safe-house and possibly share it with friends.  These are some of many new features introduced in this kick-ass sequel.  For those of you who have never played a PAYDAY game, I'll walk through the basics.  I'll talk about a bank heist, original and fun.  You begin across the street from the bank in a alleyway.  Depending on what apparel you chose to wear, for example heavy armor equals lots of protection while less visible armor offers less protection, but also a less likely possibility of being detected while in plain sight.  So if you have no armor on you could basically walk through the front door until you put your mask on, which triggers combat mode, meaning you can now shoot stuff and will be detected.  So before you enter the bank, you will have to grab a drill used to drill through the vault.  After you enter the bank, you have the option of taking care of security problems, like disabling security cameras, zip-ting guards, and jamming outgoing transmissions.  So after this you are drilling through the vault, this will take awhile so depending if you have tripped the alarm or not, you will fortify your position with planks you can find to board up windows.  You can also plant trip-mines, zip-tie civilians to serve as hostages that will b used to bargain with police if you are taken into custody.  After holding out for a while against SWAT teams or waiting peacefully, sipping tea waiting for the drill to finish, the doors will open and there will be THE VAULT, that thing full of millions of dollars in cash and gold.  So you will throw all this cash into bags that you will carry out and throw in the van, after all the bags are loaded into the back, get in the van and your done.  It sounds simple, but you got to waver through the large groups of enemies to get it gone.  Also, if any of the crew is captured, after loading the bags, the game will recommission you to a "escape" mission in which you hold out until the van arrives.  Other than that, there's not too much to it.  Although its hard to describe this game without writing a book.  So I'll just leave it at awesome game 9.4/10 in my opinion.  I hope you have all enjoyed this and I will be back in two weeks, Thanksgiving and all.  So until next time.  This has been Jacob Arnold, signing off.
awesome trailer, recommend watching in fullscreen HD

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