Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Halo Reach Review

Halo Reach Box Art
     Hello everyone, good to be back and happy Wednesday.  Today since I had no inspiration on what to do, I decided to talk about Halo Reach.  The sixth installment of the Halo series. Released in September 14, 2010, Halo Reach received positive and welcoming reviews form critics and the public alike. Developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Studios, like the previous installments of the game, the creators are the same.  The game takes place within the same universe as the previous games, however Halo Reach is a prequel that takes place before he Fall of Reach and before the rise of Master Chief.  To put it simply it takes place before the first game: Halo: Combat Evolved.  The game however introduced newer and better technology than the other games, which take place in the future, I little confusing, but awesome none the less.  New features of the game include things ranging from jet packs, armor abilities, to reintroducing shields, and finally introducing the long awaited sprint ability (you could not sprint in any of the Halo games until Reach).  The storyline, while taking place in the same universe, the characters and plot are different. Instead of taking on the role of Master Chief, you step into the shoes of Noble 6, a Spartan III of Noble Team and with new shoes come new places to walk and new roles to take on.  You have one responsibility, a very important responsibility: prevent the fall of Planet Reach at all costs.
The base of the Spire, one of the many locations in Reach
 So thats the story in a nutshell, now for the multiplayer.  As I mentioned earlier new features have been added to the campaign and multiplayer alike, but a big thing to point out is new gamemodes.  For those of you who don't know a gamemode is the thing that decides the role of what you'll be doing, what kind of weapons you'll have, and how much time you have to do it in.  So one of the favorite new game types is Invasion, in which you are either a Spartan or a Elite(alien) in which your objective is to get the enemy power core to your ship.  To do this you have to to go through three steps.  First you have capture one of the two of your enemies control points, in which you then have access to another set of control points farther up the map in which you must also capture.  After that you can finally have access to the power which you must grab and take to your Pelican. (or Phantom, depending what team and map you on) But like most things this is easier said than done, you have to carry the core, which impairs movement speed and you cannot defend yourself, leaving you to hope that your team will protect  you.  So that's one of the many game types the game has to offer, I'd go into more, but I'd be here all night.  Bottom line, great game, totally worth buying, way better than Halo 4, but that's just my opinion. So I hope you have enjoyed and I will see you all Friday.  This has been Jacob Arnold, signing off.
A live action film that secured my purchase of this game

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  1. I have never played a single game of Halo. Maybe I should so as to be more hip and relateable.