Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Combat Arms Angry Review

Normally there is a good and a bad side to every game, a positive and a negative.  But honestly I can see nothing positive about Combat Arms.  Combat Arms is first-person shooter computer game created by Doobic Studios and published by Nexon, a website that makes free to play games such as Maple Story, Dragon's Nest, and Atlantica.  Nexon decided to create a shooter and Combat Arms was the sad failed result of a game. Since this was created before Sudden Attack, another Nexon shooter, this was their first shooter. When it came out all the Nexon fanboys thought "Oh look a new game, yippee".  So since none of these ten year olds have ever played a first person shooter, they sucked, and they still suck.  Also Nexon thought it would be a good idea to give the player the right to ban you with a two thirds vote, and since these kids suck so bad if you get three or four kills, they think your hacking.  So you usually don't make it till the end of game because you get banned for knowing how to play a shooter.  The games graphics are terrible, there probably somewhere between Half Life 1 & 2 graphics, which is pretty bad if you didn't know.  Another thing is the game is supposed to have hack protection, which means if you modify the game to your advantage, such as flying through walls, being invincible, and so on, you get banned.  But I still see people flying around shooting knifes out of their face, so yeah crappy hack protection.  Sorry this review was so short but theres not much to say about Combat Arms, other than it sucks. The reason I picked this game was because I wanted to do a PC game instead of a console game. So by the end of the year you'll probaly see me spanning out a bit on different platforms and consoles.  Also the piont of this review was to tell you not play this game if you didnt catch on already.  If you suck at shooters than this is the game for you, if you want a good PC game on the other hand I suggest Garry's Mod or Team Fortress 2.  Hope you've enjoyed my construcive critism, this has been Jacob Arnold. signing off.

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